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Releases book on jogini system

Nizamabad: Chief Secretary J. Harinarayana called for more public and private participation in tackling social problems and work for the social uplift of the oppressed castes and sections of the society.

Dwelling at length on the jogini system and the role of Samskar, a social service organisation headquartered at Varni in elimination of the system, he complimented the NGO, launched by a noted Gandhian Lavanam and his wife Hemalatha in 1970s, saying that it had done an outstanding and commendable work.

Releasing a book titled “Of Religion, Goddess and NGO-Jogin Women Reform and Dynamics of Social Change in South India” co-authored by V. Lalitha and K.H.S.S Sundar and published by Samskar, he said “publication of this book is a boon to all of us”.

Book on social reforms

“There are very few books on social reforms in our State. Writing on social problems is a painful affair as it needs accurate research.

However, this book is authentic and penetrating and has given deep insight into the social stigma,” he said adding that this book would become a torch-bearer for future studies on similar problems.

Social reforms were a continuous process.

Unless people and administration joined hands and work together they cannot be tackled. Government’s priorities kept changing from time to time.

Once provision of basic amenities occupied the prime place in its agenda, now the focus is on prevention of HIV/AIDS, he said.

Lavanam, Prof. Lakshminarayana, Deputy IG Anjanikumar, Collector B. Ramanjaneyulu, Plan International CEO Ms. Verity Corbett and its India chief V. Venkat, Samskar Project Director Sundar were present.