Crisis captured on camera

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ON THE JOB: Filmmaker Vishal Puri is keen on capturing ryots' problems on his camera.
ON THE JOB: Filmmaker Vishal Puri is keen on capturing ryots' problems on his camera.

K. Venkateshwarlu

Vishal Puri from Delhi makes an effort in his short film to show the trials of farmers in the State

HYDERABAD: Notwithstanding a series of proactive steps taken by the Government, farmers' suicide, triggered by agrarian crisis, continues to dog the State, as explicitly shown in a sensitively made documentary by a young filmmaker from Delhi, Vishal Puri.

"The regime change only had a palliative effect and farmers continue to be in crisis with credit availability and input costs becoming dearer and no commensurate rise in returns for their farm produce," says Puri, who recently completed the documentary.

The 45-minute short film -- `Farmers in high-tech world' -- documents in painstaking detail the crisis that has befallen Andhra Pradesh farmers. From farmers tilling fertile soil of Guntur to those surviving on the bone-dry landscape of Mahabubnagar, his film shows how they are caught in the crisis and captures their trials and tribulations.

Experts' comments

In-depth interviews with the kin of the farmers who had taken the extreme step of ending their lives are interspersed with comments from experts like Jayathi Ghosh, agriculture economist, who had headed the Commission on farmers' welfare in the State. To break the monotony of the emotionally disturbing recollections of the dependents of the victims, he effectively made use of Gaddar, revolutionary balladeer's performances, full of caustic remarks against an "indifferent and moribund system." Contrasting scenes of the unending struggle of the toiling farmers and the page three crowd having a gala time in pubs, make one sit up and ponder.

What made him to attempt such a film? "I am a farmer's son and I know the kind of difficulties my father underwent to enable me to study. I was pained by the way farmers who produce life-sustaining food were becoming victims of a situation not of their own-making. Much has been written about it but there was no documentation through audio-visual medium," says Mr. Puri, who did his PG in Mass Communication from MCRP University in Bhopal.



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