My request published in these coloumns more than a year ago (‘Online booking’ December 3, 2007) for online reservation facility for accommodation for devotees’ visiting Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple at Yadagirigutta and Sri Bramarambha Mallikarjuna Swamy temple at Srisailam did not receive due attention from the authorities concerned.

I request the authorities concerned to react positively to the request and create online booking from Hyderabad so as to avoid hardships to a number of pilgrims who will be visiting these temples.

C.V.K. Mohan Varma,


Kudos Rahul

This refers to Rahul Gandhi praising Telugu Desam president Chandrababu Naidu (May-06). Rahul Gandhi was hundred per cent right.

It was during Naidu’s regime that the city made tremendous progress not only in I-T but also in infrastructure, expansion and cleanliness.

He gave Hyderabad a new look, which was highly appreciated across the world.

A leader of a ruling party praising an opposition leader is worthy of emulation by all political leaders, irrespective of the political parties they belong to.

G. Jayaraman,

Poojitha Estates, Sundernagar

Postage exemption requested

Printed matter posted to blind people is exempted from postage stamps. Likewise, the postal department is requested to extend the same concession to those who like to send reading material to the prisoners to transform them into good citizens.

Ibne Ghouri,

Shareefnagar Colony, Kishanbagh road