Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: The CPI(M) has opposed the alternate day supply and maintained that the water available in the Tatipudi, Raiwada and Meghadrigedda reservoirs will last for five months. The agreement with Tatipudi reservoir is that water will be supplied throughout the year and water will be supplied to agriculture only after 10 mgd is provided for Visakhapatnam, CPI (M) district secretary Ch. Narsinga Rao has said.

At the rate of supply of 40 mgd from Tatipudi, Raiwada, Meghadrigedda and Gambhiram reservoirs, the water would last more than five months, he said. Though the alternate day supply was promised for an hour, water was being given only for half an hour, he alleged.

The deadline of April 30 being cited for Tatipudi and March 31 for Raiwada and Meghadrigedda was not correct, he said.

He faulted the corporation for the poor maintenance of the Yeleru canal as only half of the 100 mgd released was reaching Kanithi Balancing Reservoir.

The State government and the corporation had not made use of the opportunities available, Mr. Narsinga Rao criticised. For instance, the Jhanjavati project at higher level could supply 8 tmc ft of water by gravity was restricted to 1 tmc ft by construction of a rubber dam.

The CPI(M) leader described as misleading the talk about laying a pipeline for the Godavari water spending Rs.1,200 crores and another from Raiwada spending Rs.200 crores.

He wondered from where the money would come without any allocation by the State government or the corporation.