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‘Left parties trying to ensure that UPA Government lasts its full term’

ANANTAPUR: CPI national council member and state president of AP Rythu Sangham K. Ramakrishna on Saturday said that there was every possibility of mid-term elections as the parties in power at the Centre and State began announcing a spate of populist schemes. foresee

Speaking to newspersons at Guntakal in the district he said the Congress would be held responsible if mid-term elections were thrust upon the country, as the Left parties, who were keeping the UPA Government in office, were making all efforts to enable the Government last its full term.

Mr. Ramakrishna sought to know from the parties in power to make an introspection of the poll promises made by them to the people prior to the 2004 elections.

Turning to the Congress Government in the State the CPI leader mentioned that the party had promised to fill all the vacancies if it was voted to power before the 2004 polls.

But, against the 2.7 lakh job vacancies the Congress Government had filled up only 20,892 posts till date. This showed that theCongress party in the State was not committed to implementing the poll promises, he added.

False claims

Besides, Finance Minister K. Rosaiah had made false claims about creating new employment recently, instead of filling up existing vacancies in Government departments.

He had claimed that 30,000 candidates were provided employment in leather park at Thada in Nellore and 60,000 were given jobs in apparel park in Visakhapatnam.

But, the reality was that only 4,000 were trained and employed in leather park and 300 were trained and employed in apparel park, the CPI leader explained.


Coming to the health sector, he said that medical and dental colleges were being sanctioned at a maddening speed, but the healthcare was neglected. The Aarogya Sri scheme was helping only private and corporate hospitals who were making a fast buck.

He claimed that only 227 out of 4,642 surgeries performed under Arogya Sri were in Government hospitals and the rest were in private and corporate hospitals. Giving an example, he stated that while 489 surgeries were performed in KIMS only 3 were done in NIMS. Similarly, of the Rs. 25.99 crore payment made for surgeries Rs. 24.98 cr. went to corporate and private hospitals and just Rs. 1.01 cr. to Government hospitals.

Alleging that large-scale irregularities were taking place in the implementation of Indiramma housing he sought to know whether Minister for Housing Botcha Satyanarayana would quit if the irregularities were proved by the CPI.