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`Major parties had earlier joined hands to defeat it'

CPI to contest in 115 out of 650 MPTCs and 7 ZPTCsNo compromise on its `stronghold' constituenciesDiffers with CPI(M) on bauxite mining issue

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Communist Party of India (CPI) wants electoral adjustments or agreements with other political parties at the mandal level.

Announcing this at a media conference here on Saturday, former MLA Manam Anjaneyulu said that in the past major political parties like the Congress and the Telugu Desam had joined hands to defeat the CPI. He cited the example where the Congress and the TDP moved a no-confidence motion against the Golugonda mandal praja parishad president of the CPI and dislodged him.

"Another example was that of a former Congress MLA entering the fray as a `rebel' in Chintapalle against our party's candidate. The Congress did not bother to campaign for us," he recalled.

The CPI leader declared that whatever be the poll adjustments with other parties, his party would contest 115 out of the 650 MPTCs (mandal parishad territorial constituencies) and seven ZPTCs. The party was not inclined to leave the constituencies which were its strongholds, he stated.

Driving out tribals

On bauxite mining in the Visakha agency, Mr. Anjaneyulu said the CPI was responsible for the tribals cultivating 4,000 acres of land where they had earlier practised podu or shifting farming. "Now they are trying to drive away the tribals from these lands in the name of bauxite mining,'' he alleged.

He also differed with the CPI(M)'s positive stance on inviting global tenders for bauxite mining. "Does it mean that they oppose Jindal but don't mind some MNC entering the area?" he wondered.

CPI MLA from Chintapalle G. Demudu said that the local tribals were opposed to bauxite mining in the area. "The Government has to consult the villagers, then at panchayat level and finally act on the recommendation of the Tribal Advisory Committee (TAC)," he said.