UPA-II came under severe flak at a demonstration held at Tirupati on Saturday by the State and district CPI leaders, for their ‘anti-people policies’. The immediate provocation for their protest and the symbolic torching of the government’s effigy at the Ambedkar Statue junction here was the reported move by the Kiran Kumar Reddy government to resort to yet another steep increase in the electricity charges.

State committee member of CPI, P. Harinadha Reddy, said while addressing the demonstrators that any further increase in the power charges would be disastrous to the very existence of the poor and middle class people who were already groaning under the burden of increase in the prices of essential commodities, petro price hike etc. which all had a cascading effect on every sector.

Reddy said it was atrocious that the Congress government, which had come back to power in 2004 promising moon to the farmers and the rural people, besides badly ditching them has been breaking their backs in all ways, without any concern for their fate. Attributing the recurring hikes in the petrol prices to what he termed as the UPA-II’s inept and corrupt handling of the petroleum resources, besides offering them on a ‘silver platter’ to the corporate sector, he said that the CPI would wage a relentless war against the government, to mobilise the public against the UPA and exert pressure on it to roll back the hiked charges.

Rama Naidu, district secretary of the CPI said that party’s rank and file along with the workers of other Left parties would ride to the Collector’s office in Chittoor on January 22 and expose the government’s failure in protecting the interests of the people, especially the poor and the marginalised.

Among other participants were party’s city unit secretary, Chinnam Penchalaiah, district AITUC leaders, Narasimhulu, Ramachandraiahy, AISF leaders, Viswanath etc.

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