Legal Correspondent

HYDERABAD: A Division Bench of the High Court comprising Justice B. Prakash Rao and Justice P.V. Sanjay Kumar on Sunday ordered a full-fledged post-mortem of the body of Patel Sudhakar Reddy, senior Maoist leader, who was killed in an alleged encounter with the police on Sunday in Warangal district.

These orders were passed by the Bench while hearing arguments in a specially-moved house motion at the residence of Mr. Justice Prakash Rao.

The petition was filed by APCLC represented by Sesaiah, its president.


The petitioner sought a direction to register a case under Section 302 against the police officers concerned for murder. The Bench ordered for post-mortem at MGM Hospital in Warangal as per the guidelines framed by the National Human Rights Commission.

The post-mortem is to be done under the supervision of a senior forensic professor and the whole process is to be videographed.