Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: Quality learning should replace getting answers by rote and memorizing should give place to understanding the subject, Head of Journalism Department of Andhra University P. Bobby Vardhan has said.

Addressing a counselling session organised by ‘Supadha,’ a service organisation, here on Monday for SSC students to prepare them for the forthcoming examinations, he said students should view examinations as a part of education, not as a different exercise. Parents should encourage their wards and avoid comparisons. Corporate colleges should pay more attention to the neglected students. Irrespective of examination pressure, home should remain a source of affection to help children.

The key to writing an examination lay onstriking a balance between thetopic and available time, he said.

AU Department of Education Prof. K.P. Subba Rao stressed the importance of parents empathizing with students without being too critical.

Hypnotist and counsellor Nidamarthi Basavaraju asked students to conquer fear and laziness. ‘Supadha’ president Kakarla Sandilya spoke.