Party has support of only one-third members in local bodies' constituency

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), which dared to field its candidate from the local bodies' constituency to Legislative Council election despite having support of only one-third members, is banking on cross voting.

Out of an electorate of 822, TDP has strength of around 300 after support from the allies while the Congress has a comfortable majority of around 400 members.

TDP fielded wealthy businessman from Nandyal N.H. Bhaskar Reddy while the Congress nominated S.V. Mohan Reddy, son of former Minister S.V. Subba Reddy. The Congress has set up camps to protect its members being “influenced” by the TDP. The TDP is banking upon the cross voting citing a few adverse factors such dissatisfaction among backward classes and that Mr. Mohan Reddy would switch over to Jaganmohan Reddy's group once elected considering his relationship with the latter. The TDP hopes that the scales would be tilted if 100 voters cross. But the Congress circles feel that it might not be that easy to steal 100 voters from its camp.

Match fixing

Speaking to news reporters on Wednesday, TDP district president Somisetty Venkateswarlu alleged match fixing between Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and the Congress as the former was likely to Chiranjeevi's way.

Talking to reporters, he said those who were supporting Mr. Jagan should be wary of his plans as he was bargaining for the Chief Minister's post. Once Congress yielded to the demand, he would drop his plans to launch new party and join the Congress ranks once again.