Special Correspondent

Meet discusses preparations `Each voter will take a little longer to cast his or her vote in the preferential voting system'

VIJAYAWADA: The staff involved in the conduct of elections to the constituencies of graduates and teachers of the Legislative Council should be conscious of the fact that the election process is different from what it is in the case of the Legislative Assembly, District Collector Navin Mittal said on Friday.

Addressing a meeting of mandal revenue officers and mandal development officers on preparations for the elections, Mr. Mittal sought to impress upon them that each voter would take a little longer to cast his or her vote in the preferential voting system in the polling scheduled for March 17.

This would be particularly true in the case of the Krishna-Guntur graduates' constituency where as many as 42 candidates were in fray. If a voter likedto give his or preference starting with 1 and going to all or most of the 42 candidates, it would take a longer time. In the case of teachers' constituency, it would be slightly better as only 14 candidates were in fray.

The number factor

Mr. Mittal said that the factor of a large number of candidates should be kept in mind while planning arrangements for voting from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the day of polling, especially in the polling stations where more number of voters would be casting their vote. In Krishna district, 123 polling stations for graduate voters and 51 polling stations for teacher voters had been arranged. There were more number of graduate voters in the city, and hence, more polling stations for them had been located in the city.