SC councillors demand more allocations for their wards

VIZIANAGARAM: Municipal council here has approved an estimated surplus budget of Rs. 5.62 crores for 2010-11 and the revised budget for 2009-10 with a closing balance of Rs. 8.35 crores.

With Municipal Chairperson A. Suribabu in the chair, Commissioner S. Nagabhushanam presented the budget on Wednesday amidst demand from Scheduled Caste councillors for more allocations in the budget proposals for their wards. With an opening balance of Rs. 8.35 crores for 2010-11, the Commissioner projected the revenue collection during the next fiscal at Rs. 98.84 crores and put the expenditures at Rs. 101.57 crores. The proposals he sent for sanction of Rs. 71 crores for improving water supply position in the fort town had the approval of A.P. Municipal Development Project and these grants too were included in the budget estimates.

During presentation of the budget proposals SC Councillors sought more allocations for roads, drainages and other amenities in their wards. TDP councillor A. Vasudeva Rao said not even Rs. 5 lakhs was spent in each SC ward during the last fiscal and asked the Commissioner to visit wards to know the ground realities.