Accuse officials, traders of cheating them at market yards

Cotton farmers on Thursday once again accused agriculture market officials and private traders of cheating them during trading of cotton at market yards and at processing centres. They accused the officials of colluding with the traders in turning a blind eye towards the illegal activities of the latter.

Farmers Atram Bheem Rao and Thatipalli Raju of Kamatwada in Tamsi mandal and G. Ram Reddy of Pusai and others from Sangvi in Jainad mandal complained of the ‘tak’ patti or weighment receipt issued by the Agriculture Market Committee not showing the percentage of moisture in the cotton. The receipt should have such an entry so that the farmer was not confused as to the amount of money being deducted for the moisture content, they pointed out.

Old software

Assistant Director Marketing Ajmera Raju’s clarification on the issue was revelatory. “As the software being used to generate computerised receipts by the market committee was old, there is no column for moisture content,” he said.

“In any case moisture meters are being used only at the private mills where the produce is unloaded after weighment. This is for the benefit of farmers,” he further claimed.

As to the accusation of farmers of being charged for re-weighment and unloading of their produce in private mills, the Assistant Director denied the allegation. He said the marketing officials had curbed such a practice.

  • Receipt issued by Agriculture Market Committee does not show percentage of moisture in cotton

  • Receipt should have entry to let farmers know the amount being deducted for moisture content