Police are cracking down heavily on drink driving with breathalysers

The Chennai traffic police mainly use breathalysers to nab motorists who are drunk. Meanwhile, the law and order policemen detect drunken driving by asking motorists to blow on their face.

Fine imposed

The police seize the vehicle of first-time offenders and impose a fine of Rs. 2,000. If the motorists fail to do so, he/she will be arrested. Subsequent offences can lead to suspension/cancellation of licence and arrest. “First-time offenders are usually let off with a warning and fine,” said a police officer.

The police usually let off drunk motorists after pocketing some money or booking them under rash driving.

“We have now intensified the checks and are cracking down heavily on drink driving,” said a police officer. In 2012 alone over 17,000 drink driving cases were booked.