Police believe that the killers could have been aware of the secret cameras in house

Killers of the electrical contractor, K. Satyanarayana Murthy, were aware of the secret cameras in his house, the Madhapur police believe.

Otherwise there was no need for them to wear masks – they apparently didn't want to get identified -- and switch off the power connection before sneaking inside, say the investigators. Cameras failed to record images of the offenders while they were leaving the house after committing the murder.

But their movements for a few minutes on the ground floor of the three-floored house in Ayyappa Society were captured by the cameras. “The video footage shows the robbers trying for five to 10 minutes to identify the main power fuse and cut the power supply. They tried different buttons before succeeding,” the investigators said. However, investigators are yet to ascertain how the killers went past the steel grill gate on the staircase and reached the first floor portion. The main door of the portion too was bolted from inside, and no marks of forcible entry were found on it.

In that case, how did the offenders sneak inside is another question the police are trying to find an answer to. The robbers taking away gold jewellery worth nearly Rs 1 lakh after killing the contractor suggested it was a murder for gain. They ransacked all three bedrooms in the portion and opened almost all the cupboards and shelves.

Surprisingly, they left several gold ornaments kept in one shelf untouched. This baffled the police about the motive behind the killing. Murthy worked as additional divisional engineer in A.P. Transco earlier but turned electric contractor after quitting the job. He made money by executing huge contracts and had rivalry with some persons.

“Hence, we're also probing if business rivalry or monetary disputes led to the killing. It is possible the killers had some other motive and made it look like a murder for gain,” police sources said. Video footage of the cameras indicated the robbers were on the ground floor around 1.30 a.m.

Investigators suspect the robbers murdered the contractor soon after entering his portion. This suggested the offenders were present in the house for nearly two hours after killing him as the tenant on the second floor noticed them fleeing after 3.30 a.m.

  • Investigators yet to ascertain how killers went past steel grill gate on staircase
  • Offenders ransack all 3 bedrooms and open all cupboards, but leave jewellery untouched