G. Ravikiran

Two buses seized, drivers caught red-handed by the Transport Department officials

The drive is being carried out all over the State

Violations noticed more between Vijayawada and Hyderabad

VIJAYAWADA: The officials of Transport Department are keeping a close vigil on the private buses being operated as contract carriages to various destinations from the city, following an increase in the instances of transportation of commercial goods in violation of the existing rules.

Two buses have already been seized with officials catching the drivers red-handed while carrying goods atop the vehicles. The drive against this unlawful practice is being carried out all over the State at the orders of Transport Commissioner Raymond Peter.


Following Mr. Peter’s instructions, Deputy Transport Commissioner T. Raghunath and his team of officials here have stepped up the drive and cautioned bus owners against resorting to any step that will jeopardise passenger safety, besides disturbing the smooth flow of traffic on highways and city roads.

“We have seized two contract carriages so far. No effort will be spared in ensuring total safety on roads,” says Mr. Raghunath. Violations have been noticed more between the city and Hyderabad, as officials have increased surveillance on this highway.

Incidentally, the number of contract carriages is also more in this route.

If commercial goods are allowed to be carried atop buses, the total weight of the vehicle increases by three to four tonnes. Also, the height goes up by four to five feet. This makes manoeuvrability of the vehicle difficult. Moreover, busy traffic on national highways makes the driver’s task even more troublesome.

Another danger lies in the possibility of goods placed on the buses getting entangled with electric wires, which may endanger the lives of passengers.

As there are many risks involved in carrying commercial goods, the transport officials have decided to strictly enforce the rules in the best interests of road safety, Mr. Raghunath explains.

The most common goods that operators of contract carriages carry are books, stationery, footwear, textiles and the like. As per the rules, luggage can be carried in passenger bags or suitcases only. Any transportation in visibly commercial packages is not allowed in these contract carriages for the overall road safety.