Anantapur District Collector V. Durga Das and the Commissioner for Labour, B Ramanjaneyulu, inaugurated a drinking water point (Chalivendram in Telugu) in the vegetable market of the old town area here on Saturday.

Mr. Durga Das said that district was at the forefront in educating the construction labour primarily besides other workers in various sectors about their rights and added that flexi banners printed with useful information were put up across the district to serve the purpose.

He said that the district being one of the largest in terms of area and population in the State , had a large population of labour in various areas coming under the scope of the Labour Department and added that a safety net encompassing them was necessary to ensure that they are not sidelined or exploited.

Anantapur district has more than 35,000 registered labour force enagaged in construction labour and other sectors while almost an equal number remains without registration due to the nomadic nature of their work.

Mr. Ramanjaneyulu said that the State government had taken up various schemes for labourers.