Raidurg police of Cyberabad arrest three persons

The Raidurg police of Cyberabad on Wednesday arrested three persons who allegedly collected Rs. 61.30 lakh from three persons promising to delete history-sheets of the latter, from Raidurg Police Station using their connections with top police officials.

An amount of Rs. 15.40 lakh was recovered from the arrested, M. Srikanth, 38, M. Padma Rao, 70, retired law officer from A.P. Housing Board and D. Shiva Kumar Goud, 62, a businessman. Another accused, M.S. Satyanarayana, 73, who is the father of Srikanth, is still at large.

Satyanarayana knew some police officers since he worked as member of Maitri committee of West zone in Hyderabad earlier. He, along with his son, plotted to make money by dropping names of police officials.

They joined hands with Rao and Goud and approached a person, Shankar, and his two sons, against all of whom the Raidurg Police Station opened history-sheets for alleged involvement in some crimes.

The accused used a mobile phone having voice changer software.

Using three different SIM cards -each at a time- they would call up Shankar and his sons.

“Changing the voice with the software, the accused would claim themselves as DGP Aravinda Rao, former and present Cyberabad Police Commissioner Prabhakar Reddy and Ch. Dwaraka Tirumala Rao, respectively, and speak with Shankar,” the Raidurg Inspector, M. Ravichandan Reddy, said.

  • Satyanarayana knew police officers as he worked with Maitri committee of West zone
  • He plots to make money with the help of three others by dropping names of police officials