Party victorious in getting nine out of 13 seats

The election to Singanamala Primary Agriculture Credit Society (PACS) was won by the ruling Congress party, registering a majority of the directors of the Singanamala PACS, making it the strongest contender to obtain the chairmanship of the Anantapur District Cooperative Credit Bank (ADCCB).

In the lone election to Singanamala PACS, which involves election of 13 directors on Friday, the Congress-supported candidates won nine directors’ posts while YSRC settled for three and Telugu Desam one, making the Congress a clear winner.

Important poll

The election to Singanamala PACS was an important one, if not for the YSRC and TDP, for the Congress party as the incumbent chairman of the ADCCB, Tarimela Kona Reddy, was contesting from this constituency.

With Kona Reddy emerging as the winner of Singanamala PACS and Revenue Minister N. Raghuveera Reddy believed to have strongly pitched in favour of him for the chairmanship of the ADCCB, in spite of interest shown by J.C. Prabahakar Reddy – brother of former Minister and Tadipatri MLA J.C. Diwakar Reddy – it remains to be seen who will succeed to be at the helm of affairs at the ADCCB.

Kona Reddy will be elected as the president of Singanamala PACS, which will formally enable him to contend for the ADCCB post.

Meanwhile, with YSRC making overtures to the effect that it might choose to support the candidature of Kona Reddy for the ADCCB post, it might well be said that Kona Reddy stands a very good chance to be the chosen one.

  • YSRC wins three seats while TDP gets one director’s seat

  • It will be Kona Reddy versus J.C. Prabahakar Reddy for chairmanship of DCCB