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Party takes exception to APCC chief’s remarks on Telangana

KHAMMAM: TRS leaders – D. Ravindra Naik, Dilip Kumar and H.A. Rahim – came down heavily on the new APCC chief D. Srinivas for stating that Telangana was never promised by the Congress.

Addressing a meeting of party workers here on Wednesday, they questioned as to what made the Congress have an understanding with the TRS in the last general elections. “If not Telangana, what else could be on the TRS agenda for entertaining the Congress for electoral alliance?” they questioned.

The Congress leaders had been deceiving people of Telangana time and again.

Turning point

They would pay a heavy price for its double standards, the said. Separate Telangana would be a reality soon, the added.

The TRS leaders said that the mass resignations would be the turning point in the history of the State. The objective of the TRS was not to usurp political power by any means, but the liberation of the sections which were exploited to the hilt for generations. The elected representatives of the TRS had quit their posts with a view to proving that they were not for power. TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao also never craved for power. He made it clear that the first Chief Minister for the region would be from the Scheduled Castes. The party had a clear manifesto. Free education at all levels was its main goal. Despite being smaller states, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand were not deprived of development, they pointed out.