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Names of thousands of voters missing from the list, says party leader

Complaints by people and TDP leaders in vain, says Peddi Reddy TDP cries foul in application of rule of reservation also

HYDERABAD: Telugu Desam Party on Friday lashed out at the Congress alleging that it was violating every rule in the book in its endeavour to achieve electoral supremacy in the panchayat polls.

At a press conference here, party general secretary E. Peddi Reddy said there were thousands of genuine voters in 15 districts who found that their names were deleted and thousands more added in the name of revision of electoral rolls.

Complaints by people themselves, apart from those by TDP leaders at village, mandal and district levels were in vain, he said. Be it a Court order or ruling by State Election Commission or complaints by voters, the Congress Government was taking no note and instead going ahead with its plans to win elections by any means, he said.

`Arm-twisting' tactics

Other `violations' by the ruling party were those pertaining to restructuring of Zilla and Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituencies. Complaints by local leaders to officials were given the go-by, he said. Similar was the case with application of rule of reservation, where `unscientific' methods were being adopted by officials under `pressure' from Congress leaders, he alleged.

Such `arm-twisting' by Congress leaders was only an indication of how `scared' they were of people, he said.