Is the merger of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in the ruling Congress party sure to happen?

It seems so, if one goes by what the newly appointed District Congress Committee (DCC) president V. Bhoopal Reddy said.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, Mr. Reddy said that there are clear indications from the Centre that a statement may come in favour of formation of separate state very shortly.

He was responding to question on how the party would face the ire of the public when the heat of Telangana is high and the TRS has been targeting the Congress party.

“I am sure that both Congress and TRS leaders would work together in the near future,” he commented.

Thanking all the party leaders for supporting his candidature for the post of DCC president, he sought the cooperation of Ministers, legislators and party leaders to run the party successfully in the district.

The DCC president said that he would never prefer the path of confrontation and would try resolving issues amicably among different groups.

Stating that all efforts would be put in place to construct the party building, he said that the DCC meeting would be held shortly.