Owaisi’s charges painful, says Shabbir

The PCC leadership has mounted a counter-offensive against the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen for questioning its decision in severing ties over a minor, though sensitive issue, that could have been resolved across the table.

APCC president Botcha Satyanatayana was particularly displeased over MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi’s remarks questioning the secular credentials of the Congress. “There appears to be some motives behind the allegations,” he said.

The Congress State leadership waited before responding to Mr. Owaisi’s charges in the hope that the MIM president would realise the impact of his remarks that, he said, were emotional. He was particularly critical of Mr. Owaisi for targeting Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy claiming the latter represented an institution and acted in accordance with the law and consent obtained from the two sides in the Bhagyalakshmi temple controversy. Former Minister Mohd. Ali Shabbir who accompanied Mr. Satyanarayana termed Mr. Owaisi’s charges as painful, but asserted that the Muslims would not rally behind the MIM as claimed by Mr. Owaisi. “It is not proper on his part to claim that the Congress won the majority because of MIM. Congress can withstand such issues as it is the only secular party with a firm foundation,” he said. Mr. Shabbir and Mr. Satyanarayana faulted Mr. Owaisi for questioning the ruling party’s commitment to Muslims “What loss did the Muslims incur in the Congress rule? It was the Congress government that gave political and educational reservation to minorities, enhanced their budget significantly. The MIM is sitting pretty in the GHMC Mayor’s post because of the quota provided by the Congress,” the PCC chief said.