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Accuses Raghuveera Reddy of indifference to farmers’ plight

Minister accused of failing to organise properly supply of fertilizer through Markfed

His statement that fertilizer being imported in a steamer was plundered by burglars ridiculed

KADAPA: Congress MLA of Mydukur D.L. Ravindra Reddy lambasted Minister for Agriculture N. Raghuveera Reddy on Tuesday accusing him of being indifferent to the plight of farmers, who were in doldrums owing to short supply of fertilizer and seed.

Speaking to newsmen at Khajipet, Dr. Ravindra Reddy said the Chief Minister had earmarked Rs. 500 crore for kharif and Rs. 850 crore for rabi for fertilizer supply through Markfed, but the Agriculture Minister failed to organise it proper supply. When he urged the Minister to ensure proper seed supply in rabi, the latter callously advised him to tell the Chief Minister, the Congress MLA stated. Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy was striving for the welfare of farmers, but Mr. Raghuveera Reddy’s laxity was earning a bad name for the government, he alleged. Farmers were in a quandary with fertilizer and seed scarcity. Rise in costs of chemical fertilizer by 50 per cent had led to substantial fall in production, but the Minister made no attempts to propagate through agricultural officials that farmers could use single superphosphate and urea for good results, he alleged.

While Khajipet mandal required 15 tonnes of sunflower seeds, agricultural officials projected a requirement of six tonnes and only two tonnes were received so far, he lamented. Many farmers under KC Canal were keen on raising sunflower owing to delayed water release.

Ridiculing the Minister’s statement that fertilizer being imported in a steamer was plundered by burglars, he wondered if he was looking down upon farmers because his Assembly constituency became SC reserved. He urged the Minister to take remedial measures.