Bhaskar Reddy says party cadres should be favoured in MLC nominations

Karimnagar Agricultural Market Committee (KAMC) Chairman and senior Congress party leader Akarapu Bhaskar Reddy has flayed the Congress party high command over the nominations for the ensuing MLC elections and demanded that the party should nominate hardworking and dedicated party workers.

Expressing concern over the party leadership examining the candidature of former ministers, former legislators and former MLCs for elections, he questioned if only they qualified to secure the MLC nomination. “Then what about the party cadres”, he asked.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Mr. Bhaskar Reddy alleged that the party high command was recognising only those leaders who visit Gandhi Bhavan frequently and lobby with senior leaders in New Delhi. Appealing AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi to stick to his words of empowerment of more people in the party than a handful of party leaders, he urged him to take up the issue of Andhra Pradesh state party affairs and do justice to the party cadres in the allocation of MLC posts.

Reacting to a query, he said that he had decided to submit a petition to Rahul Gandhi by sending a fax message on the allocation of MLC posts. He also said that there was no meaning in submitting applications for the posts to the state party leaders and party high command in New Delhi.

Hoping that Rahul Gandhi would render justice to the party cadres, he said that the party would suffer if the cadres were neglected.