Samaikhyandhra movement leader and former MLA Adusumilli Jayaprakash said that the Congress party did not have the right to divide Andhra Pradesh. In a press release Mr. Jayaprakash said that the party never said in the election manifestoes it released in 2004 or 2009 that it would create a separate Telangana. He alleged that the Congress party was playing with the lives of crores of Telugus for its selfish ends.

The Congress, which said that it would take a decision in the interest of people from all regions, and that it would try to bring unanimity among the people of the State was now acting in contradiction to the claims it made.

The party was testing the patience of crores of people from Seemandhra region.

The sorry state of affairs in the Congress party was evident by the fact that it was ignoring completely the report on the division of the State submitted by the Justice Srikrishna Committee. Neither the core committee nor the working committee that was deciding the fate of the State had a leader from the State.