BJP senior leader M. Venkaiah Naidu said the Congress was facing its last election, and that the Third and Federal fronts haad already run into rough weather owing to internal squabbling, mainly over the post of the Prime Minister. Their conduct made the BJP’s job easier, but it should not be a cause for complacency, as it has multi-dimensional challenges in its path, he asserted.

Addressing the Seemandhra committee’s first meeting here on Friday, Mr. Naidu said Narendra Modi was the most discussed man in politics nowadays, and that people had made up their minds to cast votes to the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections.

The onus of convincing them to vote for the BJP in the Assembly polls was on the respective State units. The performance of the Congress was so bad that the party shied away from projecting Rahul Gandhi as its Prime Ministerial candidate, and many sitting MPs of that party have been opting themselves out of the electoral contest due to fear of defeat.

Mr. Naidu said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and others like P. Chidambaram and Montek Singh Ahluwalia had destroyed the economy. Pranab Mukherjee was also responsible for the sordid state of affairs on the economic front, but it was not appropriate to point fingers at him, as he happened to be the President of India, he said.

Only Mr. Modi has the capability to solve serious problems created by successive regimes of the UPA, Mr. Naidu added and called for a concerted effort to reach the goal in a short span.