Special Correspondent

Deputy Speaker G. Kuthuhalamma replaced by debutant Doraswamy

Tirupati MLA M. Venkatramana and Congress veteran Kalicherla Prabhakar Reddy dumped

Chittoor’s sitting MP D.K. Adikesavulu’s strong lobbying fails to impress the high command

TIRUPATI: Congress became the first party to open the Pandora’s Box by declaring ahead of all other parties its official list of candidates for the Assembly constituencies in the State.

In Chittoor district, it has jettisoned its three sitting incumbents including the Deputy Speaker G. Kuthuhalamma. The other two sitting candidates who fell out of its grace are the Tirupati MLA M. Venkatramana and a Congress veteran Kalicherla Prabhakar Reddy who won thrice from the faction-ridden Tamballapalle segment.

Most shocking of the ejections was that of the Deputy Speaker and the Vepanjeri (SC) sitting incumbent Dr. G. Kuthuhalamma who was not all that bad in shielding the Congress on the floor of the house whenever it found itself caught itself on a sticky wicket. But still she is now without a ticket for reasons best known only to the party inner circles.

If the opposition from a strong section of the local Congress is to be the reason for the denial of ticket to her who won four elections from the seat none should get renomination because it is the case with all the 294 seats.

In fact the wiping out of her Vepanjeri constituency from the electoral map of the district after the delimitation exercise itself bore ominous signs for her.

Who replaced her now is a retired judge Doraswamy, a debutant. His godfather for the ticket to come his way is the Law Minister R. Chenga Reddy whose strained relations with Kuthuhalamma is an open secret. Indications are that Kuthuhalamma peeved over the ‘humiliation’ might jump into the Praja Rajya bandwagon and contest on that ticket.

The other prominent ‘loser’ of ticket is the Tirupati MLA M. Venkatramana. But it did not come as any surprise because who locked horns with him for the seat was none other than the Chief Minister’s close aide and the former TTD Trust Board Chairman B. Karunakar Reddy. So it looked as writing on the wall. But there are no immediate outbursts from his side, at least as of now, that he would cross over to the PR going on the caste lines.

As has been on the air for quite sometime now Kalicherla, the Tamballapalle sitting candidate, also lost his race for the ticket to a new comer Sankar Yadav thanks to Minister Raghuveera Reddy.

As for the Tirupati Lok Sabha seat, sitting MP Chintha Mohan finally won the race by edging out Panabaka Lakshmi—the Nellore MP who also threw her hat for the Tirupati seat with Nellore becoming a general seat in the delimitation exercise. She is forced to move to Bapatla despite her disinclination.

Congress nominated Thippeswamy to the Chittoor (SC) Lok Sabha seat as expected ignoring threats from Malas to defeat him. As for the Rajampet Lok Sabha seat, with Congress renominating its sitting incumbent Saipratap, TTD Board Chairman and the Chittoor’s sitting MP D.K. Adikesavulu’s strong lobbying for the seat obviously failed to impress the high command. He also could not succeed in getting his nominee ‘Bullet’ Suresh getting the ticket for the Chittoor Assembly seat. So his efforts to settle score with his rival C.K. Babu came a cropper with Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy favouring once again his trusted lieutenant (Babu) for the seat. It is to be seen as how Adikesavulu with close links with Chiranjeevi would now react.