‘The party is adopting double standards; it may go back on its decision or delay implementing it’

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has accused the Congress party of encouraging the people in Andhra and Rayalaseema region to gain political mileage.

BJP leader K. Laxman, former MLAs V. Sriramulu, M. Dharma Rao and Jayapal and others said the Congress had failed to take a sound decision. Its decision was taken in haste fearing the BJP would take credit of realising Telangana statehood once it came to power.

“We said we will give Telangana in 100 days. But the Congress wanted to take credit. Now, it is adopting double standards. It may go back or delay further in implementing its decision creating separate Telangana state,” they said.

The Congress should immediately table the bill in Cabinet and in Parliament at the earliest.

It should spell out the modalities for sharing of river waters and sort out other apprehensions of Andhra and Seema people without further delay to contain the ongoing violence.

“If the Congress decides to stop riots in Andhra and Seema, it can by controlling its leaders there. But, the party seems to have some interest and hence not making any effort to bring peace there,” Mr Laxman alleged.

Leaders of all parties were resorting to blackmailing politics and the Congress leadership was unable to control them.

Mr. Laxman found fault with YSR Congress and TDP leaders who promised to abide by the decision of the Central government on Telangana issue.

He also found fault with all parties for not reacting to the attacks on BJP offices and its leaders in Andhra and Rayalaseema.

If the Congress wants, it can stop riots in Seemandhra by controlling its leaders there, but it seems to have some interest and hence is not making any effort

K. Laxman

BJP leader