YSR Congress Chief Whip Balineni Srinivasa Reddy has resigned as MLA over the vexed Statehood issue.

''I have forwarded my resignation in the format prescribed to the Speaker on Thursday,” he said when contacted by The Hindu .

Throwing to winds the State's larger interests, the Congress party was attempting to gain ''political mileage'' from the sensitive issue, Mr Srinivasa Reddy alleged..

The Congress was only thinking narrowly on the lines of votes and seats for itself in the next elections in the event of creation of Rayala-Telangana or formation of separate Telangana State or keeping the State united, he said.

The ruling party had pushed the State into a ''political turmoil'' in the process, the YSRC leader felt.

The ruling party was enacting a big drama by allowing its leaders from different regions to articulate divergent views on the issue, he contended.

He demanded that the ruling Congress spell out its stand first on the issue and take the view of all parties before taking any decision.