Special Correspondent

GUNTUR: Several psychological conditions force youth and adults to commit suicide. Those susceptible to such tendencies need to be counselled and dissuaded from taking the extreme step by providing them moral confidence at the right time.

At a conference on suicides and the need for preventing them held on the occasion of International Suicides Prevention Day at the Service Health Organisation here on Thursday, Government General Hospital Department of Psychiatry Assistant Professor N. Uma Jyothi said that suicide cases were increasing by the day in India.

Giving details of the potential danger, she said that some 10 lakh people were committing suicide every year and it was likely to double by 2020, which needed a lot of attention of the police, sociologists and politicians.

The younger generation was getting stressed with increased academic pressure, which should be reduced with proper academic methodologies adopted for assessment instead of examination.

Suicide reasons could be classified into sociological, economical, biological and psychological, she said, and each of the reason needed a different way of tackling beginning with proper medical care facilities, reducing sociological and economical disparities etc.

SHO Director Tata Seva Kumar said that modern-day intensive competition was leading to several psychological problems among people of all ages and these were getting complicated with a majority of people desiring good and easy life with a lot of money to spend.