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Taiwan Port has adopted such a project: Praja Spandana

VISAKHAPATNAM: Praja Spandana has suggested developing a complex of domes providing inlets to stack different types of cargo and also safe outlets to carry the material for loading into the ship-holds.

Referring to the round table meeting convened by Visakhapatnam Port Trust on pollution control measures, Praja Spandana president C.S. Rao told the media on Saturday that VPT couldn't wash off its responsibilities by blaming the stevedores and sought a change in its attitude towards the problem. He felt that cost shouldn't be a consideration when there was danger to life and public health.

He said complex of domes were constructed to effectively overcome the pollution problem at the Taiwan Port. The inside of the domes do not have any pillars and therefore do not cause any obstruction to the movement of cargo to feed the outlets. The Taiwan Port has also developed a lot of greenery around the domes.

‘Time consuming'

Port Chairman Ajeya Kallam had spoken about the pollution control measures being adopted like sprinkling of water on the dust-laden cargo such as coal and iron ore and construction of a high wall and proposal to construct a ground-level conveyor belt on the western side of the port, where human habitations are not existing. Mr. Rao recalled the statement of the Chairman that these measures were time taking and there couldn't be a readymade quick solution.

He said that Praja Spandana had collected details of the domes project implemented at Taiwan Port and hoped that VPT would have a more people-friendly attitude at any cost.

Honorary president of Praja Spandana Lanka Jagannadham was also present at the press conference.

‘Involve industries'

In a statement, social worker Nanduri Ramakrishna appealed to the port Chairman to convene a meeting of the head of other industries and involve them in the pollution control measures. He said that voluntary organisations of the city would be behind the port management in tackling the pollution problem.