Paddy was damaged in 46,600 acres in Krishna district by the heavy rainfall caused by Nilam Cyclone and 50 per cent of the cotton, Maize and groundnut that was sown or in the field as damaged, district Collector Budha Prakash Jyothi said in a meeting held to review the damaged caused.

Minister for Secondary Education Kolusu Parathasarathy who presided over the meeting said that relief or compensation should be given to every farmer who suffered a loss.

The Collector giving more details said that 16,372 farmers who had gone for a crop in the season suffered losses due to the rains of Nilam Cyclone. He said horticulture farmers raising vegetables, chilli, turmeric and banana in nearly 5,000 acres were affected when the rains damaged their crop. The Collector in his report to the Minister said that 30,000 people residing in low-lying areas were evacuated and lodged in 37 relief camps. He said expenditure of Rs. 13 lakh was incurred in providing food and drinking water to those lodged in relief camps. He said that nearly 1,000 thatched houses were damaged to various degrees by the cyclone. The families residing in all houses that were damaged or submerged were each given 20 kg rice and five litres kerosene. Relief and compensation to the tune of Rs. 37 lakh was given to the families residing in houses that were damaged, the Collector said.