Malkajgiri police on Tuesday nabbed the principal of Narayana College for allegedly misbehaving with a second-year intermediate student.

Malkajgiri Inspector L.C. Naik said the arrested person, 42-year-old Damodara Rao of Asifnagar crossroads, had joined the college as a principal four months ago.

He summoned the girl to his chambers through the college staff on Tuesday, on the pretext of seeking some information.

After the girl entered his chambers, Rao first enquired about the payment of the college fee. He then asked whether she had time to spend some leisure time with him, also offering to take her out.

Shocked over his behaviour, the girl informed the matter to her parents, who lodged a complaint with the police.

In judicial custody

“We registered a case against the principal and arrested him. He was also remanded to judicial custody in the evening,” Mr. Naik said.