District Election Officer and Collector M. Veerabrahmaiah has instructed the officials concerned to issue memos to polling personnel who abstained from their duties during the first phase of the gram panchayat elections held in Manthani and Peddapalli revenue divisions on Tuesday.

The Collector said that more than 112 polling personnel including presiding officers and assistant presiding officers did not report for duty in spite of undergoing training on the conduct of elections.

He said that around 63 polling staff had abstained from their duties in Manthani mandal and another 25 personnel in Kamanpur mandal, causing serious inconvenience.

Instructing the authorities concerned to issue memos to all polling personnel, who abstained from their duty under Peoples Representatives Act and CCA rules, he asked the authorities to take serious action against polling personnel deputed for the second and third phase of polling if they behaved in the same manner. He directed the officials to ensure that there was no shortage of polling staff for the second and third phases of elections.

Special buses

Officials were told to ensure that polling personnel reach their respective polling stations along with polling material by 2 p.m. a day before the polling date.

He asked the RTC authorities to operate special buses for the transportation of polling material and personnel to their respective villages.

He also instructed revenue authorities to ensure that all facilities such as furniture, water, electricity, voting chambers, facilities for counting of votes etc. were made available in all polling stations.

‘More than 112 polling personnel abstain from duty in spite of undergoing training on the conduct of elections’