It was a delectable spread – by all accounts. Khichdi-kheema, kidney curry, fried brain, chicken, chapattis. And not to forget the lip-smacking sheer-khurma.

No, this is no hotel menu but the breakfast hosted by Asifnagar MLA, Moazzam Khan, the other day for a select few, including the Hyderabad Collector, Navin Mittal.

The latter was a bit baffled by this sumptuous repast - right at the start of the day. “Yeh riwayati Hyderabadi khana hai”, he was told and coaxed in partaking the heavy fare. Majlis MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, livened up the feast by interesting anecdotes of his political career.

The meal over, the Majlis leaders took the Collector on a visit of schools in the Old City.