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Representatives of 110 families take part in meeting

Balabharati, an NGO, holds the meeting Plea to use compensation amount for future needs

GUNTUR: Government will provide all possible assistance before the end of this month to the families of those farmers who had committed suicide, District Collector G. Jayalakshmi said on Saturday.

At a meeting of the representatives of 110 families of farmers who had committed suicide in Guntur district, she asked the DRDA project director and the joint director Agriculture to ensure that all families enlisted by the administration were in receipt of the benefits sanctioned by Government in full by April 24.

Government to educate kids

At the meeting organized by Balabharati, an NGO, she patiently heard the grievances of all members of the families of farmers and advised them to be psychologically strong so that they could face the hardships in life having lost the bread-winner. "The Government will take care of the children's education and ensure that at least one member in the family got an avenue to earn enough to run the family," she said.

The compensation amount should not be used up for day-to-day expenses, but kept aside for their future needs and for meeting the needs of children when they grow up, she said advising them to make proper planning.

Balabharati president Yarram Sabi Reddy expressed happiness at the quick response from the district administration and hoped that all those who had not received the full quantum of compensation would get them by May 1.