Neetu Prasad holds review meeting with irrigation officials

Delta modernisation works will be commenced for a short term after closure of the canals and the works will be continued for 45 days.

Announcing this during a review meeting with the irrigation officials here on Tuesday, Collector Neetu Prasad underscored the need for maintaining quality in the modernisation works. Congratulating the irrigation officials on providing water to the standing crop of Rabi, she said that the same spirit must be continued in future too.

She said the modernisation works must be taken up with close coordination and all the officials involved in the project must meet at least once a week to review the progress. The Collector wanted the elected representatives to monitor the works and the issues could be brought to the notice of the higher officials immediately.

Ms. Neetu said that water would be released for the Kharif crop on June 1 in Amalapuram division and on June 11 for the remaining parts of the district. She wanted the officials to stick to the timetable with regard to closure and reopening of the canals.

Chief Engineer Gopala Reddy said that a sum of Rs.40 crore would be spent on the short-term modernisation works. A sum of Rs. 12.55 crore would be spent on Kakinada canal, Mandapeta canal, Godavari eastern bank canal lining and structure works. Another Rs. 11.78 crore would be spent on the Central delta Gannavaram canal, Bank Canal and Godavari central delta modernisation works. Rs. 8.55 crore would be spent on the modernisation of drains and Rs.6 crore on Pandalapaka, Anaparthy, Chintapalli and Sampara bridge works, he explained.

  • Modernisation works to be commenced after closure of canals

  • Elected representatives told to monitor the modernisation works