Collector M. Veerabrahmaiah has asked officials to ensure facilities to thousands of devotees participating in the annual ‘Sirimanotsavam’ of Sri Pydithalli Ammavaru that is scheduled to be conducted on October 30. Tholellu of the goddess is on October 29, Theppotsavam on November 6, Vuyyala Kambala on November 20, and Chandiyagam on November 21. The Collector has appointed Joint Collector as special officer and Vizianagaram RDO as the assistant special officer for the utsav. Officials from Endowments, Revenue and Police coordinate with them.

Mr. Veerabrahmaiah, Superintendent of Police Karthikeya and Joint Collector P.A. Sobha addressed officials on the arrangements to be made for the jaatara at DRDA Conference Hall here on Saturday. Mr. Veerabrahmaiah said that the Endowments Department would supply T-shirts with logo of the goddess to select volunteers who would be deployed to pull the cart on which the sirimaanu (60-feet-long ceremonial pole) would be riveted vertically. Revenue Divisional Officer, SDPO and Endowments officials would select the volunteers. The Collector has imposed restrictions on VIP passes this year. The RDO would take prior sanction from either the Collector or Joint Collector for issuing the passes. He asked the Municipal Commissioner to maintain hygiene around the temple at three lamps junction, street-lighting, drinking water and also to repair roads. While the Medical and Health Department would open temporary first-aid centres at important junctions, the R & B would monitor fixing of ceremonial pole.

The Collector said that a flower show would be organised at Maharajah’s Government Music and Dance College for three days and the Gurajada’s residence would be kept open for visitors.

Mr. Karthikeya said that unlike last year the utsav must be completed early. He assured officials of elaborate bandobust at queue barricades at Chaduru Gudi and Vanam Gudi during those days.