Stressing the need for enrolling all eligible persons as voters, electoral observer C. Parthasarathi on Thursday asked district officials to collect claims and objections on the special summery revision-2013 by November 20. An observer from the State Election Commission for the Krishna, East and West Godavari districts, Mr. Parthasarathi convened a meeting with revenue officials here on the electoral rolls. He said that the Election Commission was keen on enrolling all those who would attain the age of 18 years by January 2013 as voters.

“Foolproof electoral rolls will help conduct the elections in a more transparent manner. The Election Commission has already introduced several reforms, due to which it is able to conduct the elections in a free and fair manner,” he said, observing that the impact of money was still there on the elections.

Money impact

Asking the officials to ensure proper distribution of photo identity cards to all voters, Mr. Parthasarathi said that in the event of death of a voter, the village revenue officer concerned must submit a report confirming the death and subsequently the voter identity card must be cancelled. In the event of migration of the voters, the officials must take an explanation from the voter concerned about the reasons for the migration before taking steps to transfer the vote.

Collector Neetu Prasad said that for the Legislative Council’s graduates’ constituency, the last date for filing the claims and objections had been extended to November 30.

Physical verification of voters would be commenced on December 1 and the final rolls would be published by January, 2013, she said. Joint Collector A. Babu was present.