Kuchipudi village in Krishna district is known worldwide for a classical dance form that is named after it. But it is lesser known for a non-vegetarian dish which epitomises the coastal cuisine of the country. The Kuchipudi Kodi (chicken) fry that is made with red chilli paste and coconut, both ingredients used extensively in preparation of curries in coastal areas of the country, will be on the menu for the benefit of gourmets in Fortune Murali Park.

The Hotel Food and Beverage Manager Sujit Dubey addressing a press conference here on Thursday said that choicest dishes from Malabar, Malwani and Goan cuisines and from the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Bengal will be on the menu of the hotel buffet from Friday coinciding with Telugu New Year ‘Ugadi'.

Mr. Dubey said Zodiac, the hotel's 24 hour coffee shop, which hosts the buffet every day has been decorated to create an ambience to go with the coastal cuisine festival. The staff attending the tables would also be liveried in kurthas, dhotis and saris to heighten the experience.

Explaining the subtle distinction between the dishes of the different coastal cuisines Mr. Dubey said that tamarind was used as a condiment for the preparation of Coastal Andhra dishes, but ‘kodampuli' (Garcinia or Malabar Tamarind) was used in preparing dishes of Malabar or Malwani (Konkani) cuisine. Coconut is also used extensively in coastal cuisine.