Congress MP S. Rajaiah on Saturday lashed out at Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy and described the latter as ignorant.

“The Chief Minister had made his point clear on the State bifurcation on several occasions and had vowed to follow the decision taken by the party high command. Instead of keeping his word, he was defying the party’s decision by raising silly issues on Telangana,” the MP said.

“What is the argument of Kiran Kumar Reddy? He wants to know about water share. You ask any layman in the village how things are shared when the brothers divide. He will tell you clearly. The Chief Minister is fuelling the Seemandhra agitation with his ignorance,” Mr. Rajaiah said.

The Congress leader said there are committees set up by the Central government to look into all such issues. As per the Constitution and law, contentious issues would be sorted out, adding that State bifurcation was not taking place for the first time in India and there were precedents established from time to time.

He further said that the Seemandhra agitation lacked public support and it was being aided by a few land grabbers and rich selfish politicians. The Congress MP said the Chief Minister was a friend of YSRC chief Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy and both were colluding to stall the bifurcation process.