Classic memento made in contemporary style!

A. D. Rangarajan
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‘Sanatana’, the casket containing the palm leaf scriptures that makes for an appealing memento.Photo: K. V. Poornachandra Kumar
‘Sanatana’, the casket containing the palm leaf scriptures that makes for an appealing memento.Photo: K. V. Poornachandra Kumar

Palm leaf manuscripts are generally considered passé. Though they are revered, they are never treasured as an antique piece or considered as stuff suitable for a memento.

Entrepreneur in G. Venkata Reddy saw an opportunity to take the niche product to the customers bound by ancient tradition, who get a feel of ‘our own’ on seeing the product.

His idea was to make an ageless piece of work in contemporary style, which when given as a memento or as a souvenir, will not only adorn a showcase, but also get ensconced there for life.

While any leaf normally dries up, withers and gets fragile in a couple of weeks, Mr. Venkata Reddy Reddy sought the help of Ayurveda to find a preservative to keep the palm leaf fresh for life.

Leaf oils

“After eight years of hard work, we developed a patented mixture of leaf oils that serves as a preservative. We do not give a synthetic chemical coat over the leaf, nor is it laminated with a plastic sheet,” he told The Hindu .

Computer-guided technology

The words are printed on the leaf using computer-guided technology and the palm leaf set is kept in an ornately-carved wooden casket. With this, the eye-catching memento is ready for presentation!

The Chief Executive Officer of ‘Sanatana’, the Bangalore-based souvenir company, was here in Tirupati to seek a stall in the publications area in the forthcoming World Telugu Conference.

“Minister Galla Arunakumari and cultural affairs Director Rallabandi Kavitha Prasad are quite impressed at our product,” he said.

The art piece sold under the brand ‘Sanatana’ is already popular as a memento in several events and was even given to the participants of the famous ‘Padutha Theeyaga’ programme aired on Eeenadu Television channel.

The product is learnt to be in the list of souvenirs under contemplation to be presented to the dignitaries visiting the proposed fourth World Telugu Conference to be held in Tirupati.

Entrepreneur G. Venkata Reddy who designed a classic palm leaf memento has taken the help of Ayurveda to develop a preservative after eight years of hard work to keep the palm leaf fresh for life



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