‘They should make an announcement at June 30 meeting’

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) politburo member Yerrolla Srinivas said that the ruling party leaders should come clear on their stand on Telangana.

Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, Mr. Srinivas said that the Congress leaders were more bothered about their positions and percentages in works than the Telangana cause. “Let them make an announcement on June 30 at the public meeting scheduled to be held at Nizam College Grounds in Hyderabad. Are the Congress leaders ready to announce that they would resign from the party if it fails to accord separate Telangana state?” he questioned.Let Y.S. Vijayamma, honorary president of the party, make a statement on Telangana, if she wants to visit the region/82,” he said.

Public meeting

Karimnagar Staff Reporter adds: TRS leader and former MP B. Vinod Kumar has demanded that the Telangana Congress leaders clarify whether they would continue to remain with the Congress even after the UPA government fails to announce separate Telangana state.

“The Telangana Congress leaders will not conduct public meeting in Nizam College grounds on June 30 as is evident from different versions from within the party over the conduct of meeting,” he maintained.

Talking to newsmen here on Sunday, he dared the Telangana Congress leaders to conduct the meeting on June 30 if they have guts.

He also demanded that the Telangana Congress leaders to disclose their future course of action if the party does not concede their demand of carving out separate Telangana State before 2014 elections.

“Will the Telangana Ministers, MPs, MLAs and MLCs resign to their posts and the party, if the party high command does not announce Telangana”, he asked.

  • ‘They more concerned about their positions’

  • ‘Percentages in works more important to them’