HYDERABAD: Sekhar Rao, Regional Head - AP, ICICI Bank, Hyderabad, writes: The headline "Spate of complaints from ICICI customers: bank Ombudsman", (Page 4, April 18, 2006) is misrepresentative of the factual position.

The workshop was a unique initiative taken by the ICICI Bank Limited along with the Banking Ombudsman of A.P. to create awareness about the new Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006, and for improvement of customer service.

The Banking Ombudsman, Dr. Deepali Pant Joshi, suggested that banks should bring in systemic changes for improvement of customer service. She appreciated that the ICICI Bank was very prompt in resolution of customer complaints.

Meera Rawat, Head (Escalations), Customer Service Quality Group of ICICI Bank, gave a presentation on the customer complaint redress mechanism at the ICICI Bank Limited. She said that complaints had gone down to 2,405 in February 2006 from 3,110 in April last year, despite growth in customer base.