Water level in Osmansagar has gone up by 4 feet and Himayatsagar by 5 feet

Prospects of daily water supply have brightened with levels rising in the city reservoirs following copious rainfall. In the last fortnight the water-level in the Osmansagar has gone up by 4 feet and the Himayatsagar by 5 feet.

Osmansagar recorded 0.8 TMC water on Saturday as against 0.49 TMC the same day last year. The other principal reservoir Himayatsagar registered 0.968 TMC against 0.403 TMC last year.

However, resumption of supplies from the Osmansagar might take some time as authorities are wary about its quality due to abundant growth of algae. The NEERI is already conducting studies about the water quality. On Saturday the Water Board sent another sample to EPTRI. Only after getting a positive report, supplies from Osmansagar would be restored.

With the level gradually rising, authorities are confident of releasing the Osmansagar water in the near future. Consequently daily water supply would be restored to areas which were getting daily supply before operation from Osmansagar was shut down, said HMWSSB Managing Director, M. Jagadeeswar.

Authorities are upbeat over the good inflows in the Singur reservoir.

In the last few days it has received 5 TMC water taking the total to 14.47 TMC. Last year it had just 9.2 TMC. The normal requirement for the twin cities for the entire year from Singur is 5.75 TMC.

“The present water is more than sufficient. Any further inflows will be beneficial to meet the agricultural needs downstream”, Mr. Jagadeeswar said.

  • This brightens prospects of daily water supply in twin cities
  • Authorities upbeat over the good inflows in Singur reservoir