Nowadays, it has become a practice for cine artistes to jump into political field after gaining popularity anticipating rich dividends. Gone are the days when NTR and MGR achieved what they really expected by entering into politics.

Present day people are intelligent and think twice before exercising their franchise.

In the last elections in Tamil Nadu, Vijaykanth, a popular Tamil actor, got only one seat despite his cine glamour. In the present context, it happened in the case of megastar Chiranjeevi, who aspired for the CM’s post. But the 18 seats his party won made him flabbergasted. It will be wise of cine stars not to be overenthusiastic to enter politics by leaving behind their lucrative profession.

I. Subhash Samuel


Deliver phone bills first

It is not correct on the part of the BSNL authorities to ask customers over phone to pay bill without delivering the same.

We are one of those who have not been getting the bills for last six months. It should be made binding on the department to deliver the bill and take signature of the customer.

Without delivering the bill, the BSNL is not competent to disconnect the phone. If BSNL authorities disconnect the phone without serving the bill, they are liable to pay reconnection charges besides compensation for the mental agony.

It is necessary on the part of officials to make an inquiry into the issue and see that the bills are distributed to the customers promptly.

B.V. Subrahmanya Sastry


Advice to YSR

I congratulate Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy on being elected Chief Minister for the second consecutive term. It is true that everybody was benefited during Dr. Reddy’s five-year-rule as mentioned by him during his election campaign. Pensioners immensely benefited from dearness allowance and the like.

Though nothing has been proved, there is a talk of corruption, favouritism and nepotism, and that Dr. Reddy will go to any extent to defend his followers. Dr. Reddy must prove it wrong during his current term.

G. Bapaiah Gutpa


Life-sustaining indeed

The importance of breast feeding in sustaining the health of an infant has once again been proved conclusively when a Tamil refugee from Sri Lanka Mary drank seawater but fed her 12-month-ld baby Kubera. Though Mary died on the high seas while sailing in the boat along with other fishermen who set out to reach Rameswaram, the baby survived. The survivors landed at Kakinada.

S. Vijaya Seshu