A team of ACB sleuths on Friday arrested CI of Macherla Rural, D. Dharmendra Babu, after a day of dramatic developments.

Mr. Babu, who is facing an ACB probe into allegations of corruption over a civil dispute while he was working at Piduguralla during 2011-2012, left for Kandukuru in Prakasam district on Thursday to attend a departmental oral enquiry. After being informed about an imminent arrest by ACB sleuths, Mr. Babu returned the gunmen and left for an undisclosed place.

The case relates to a complaint registered in 2012 over a civil dispute in Piduguralla. The complainant alleged that the CI demanded Rs.50,000 to settle a civic dispute in his favour.

But when the CI could not keep his promise, the complainant, who was in possession of conversation records with the CI, filed a case in the High Court. The police oral enquiry too confirmed the allegations.

Basing on the directions of the High Court, thee ACB launched a probe into the complaint recently and fearing an imminent arrest, the CI reportedly left for an undisclosed place asking his gunmen to return to the Guntur Rural Police Head Quarters.

According to sources, Mr. Dharmendra Babu sought leave for two days from April 23 to appear before the High Court.

But he failed to turn up on April 25. The DSP, Gurazala sent a report to S.P Guntur Rural.