Social media went berserk over a Youtube clip showing actor-turned-politician K. Chiranjeevi’s ‘bid’ to jump the queue at a polling station at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad to cast vote on Wednesday.

The video uploaded in Youtube sneaked into many Facebook accounts and the day witnessed a fervent action and reactions over youngster Raja Karthik’s guts to prevent the Union Minister from taking advantage of his position.

Twitter came in handy for political commentators to express their opinion in favour or against Chiru’s act.

“Hats off to this guy (Karthik) for asking a politician to fall in line,” said a tweet while some had harsh comments like – ‘Shame on you Minister!’

Taken aback by the turn of events, Mr. Chiranjeevi’s fans pitched in with vengeance to defend their ‘mega star’ by posting the clarification given by the Union Minister. Much to the discomfort of Mr. Chiranjeevi, the clarification did not go down well with the youngsters, who felt that the Minister had violated the democratic rule.

Says M. Krishna Mohan on Facebook: “A scroll on TV said Chiranjeevi went to the polling station to find out if his name was there or not. Good joke.” Meanwhile, there was a guarded silence among the politicians in Vijayawada for any comment will put them in a tight spot as polls are round the corner. Some of them were tight-lipped as they did not wish to earn the wrath of the ‘Kapus’, who form a formidable vote bank in the Krishna district.

“But he behaved in a dignified manner,” says city Congress working president Meesala Rajeswara Rao, who came to the defence of his leader. Many movie buffs felt Mr. Chiranjeevi should have ‘practised’ what he ‘preached’ for his fans stood in line in a disciplined manner to watch his films without jumping the queue!

Twitter came in handy for political commentators to express their opinions, whereas Facebook was flooded with reactions to Chiru’s act