Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: When actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi cut short his ‘Praja Ankitha Yatra’ two days before schedule due to a sore throat, his political opponents ran him down.

They ridiculed Mr. Chiranjeevi asking how someone who was used to air-conditioned luxury every minute of the day, thanks to his ‘reel’ life, could bear the heat and dust of ‘real’ life politics.

Keeps mum

But the megastar chose to practise ‘Gandhigiri’ in ‘real’ life and preferred to keep mum. More so, he was bound by his promise of not heaping personal insults on any political opponent.

However, his party managers were ready with a repartee to counter the megastar’s opponents. Their contention was that other political leaders who merely rendered lip sympathy for people’s problems, did not need to really strain their vocal chords.